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Dan Bing – Administrator | CNA

The Coronavirus Pandemic has changed how families view the care of their aging parents. It will also impact the decisions individuals make for themselves. As with many other privately-owned home care companies, I started DRB Elder Care after caring for my mother during her end-of-life journey.

In January of 2020 it became apparent she would need 24/7 support. I developed a care plan and moved into her home to become her primary caregiver. No one saw COVID-19 coming nor did we know how devastating it would be to our elder population. It was a blessing that my mother chose to live out her remaining months at home and was willing to have me take care of her.

During this process, I realized the future of elder care would pivot towards home-based services creating a shortage of qualified caregivers to handle the growing demand. Our company is here to collaborate with families to keep their loved ones safe, well cared for, and comfortable in their own environment.

We welcome inquiries about our services and enjoy sharing insight on the challenges ahead. Being proactive will help you make well-informed decisions, so contact us today. We look forward to having a conversation with you.

We have a dedicated group of professional caregivers that make up the DRB Elder Care team. To learn more about our Leadership, click the button.

Dan was a student of mine seeking to receive a certification in a career as a Nursing Assistant and Home Health Care. I was impressed with his passion for bringing the best care to those he took care of, the time he spent with each of his clients to listen, hold their hand, and offer a friendly and compassionate smile to each of them. He understands their needs, physical and emotional, and exemplifies the true meaning of a caregiver.

~ Jeanette M.

I worked with the owner, Dan, as his mother’s hospice nurse, while he cared for his mother in her home. He was dedicated, organized, and always open to learning how best to care for his mom. He showed her so much love and attention, that she thrived at home, while she was first receiving palliative care services and then transitioning to hospice and through the end of her life. He was amazing with managing her medications and keeping her comfortable so that she was able to die in her own home, peacefully and comfortably, where she wanted to be.

~ Natalie M.

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